We offer everyone,
Italians, migrants,
asylum seekers and refugees,
opportunities to enter
the regular job market

Offriamo a tutti, italiani, migranti, richiedenti asilo e rifugiati,
occasioni per entrare nel mercato regolare del lavoro

Nous offrons à tous, Italiens, migrants, demandeurs d'asile et réfugiés,
des opportunités d'entrer sur le marché du travail régulier

Ofrecemos a todos, italianos, inmigrantes, solicitantes de asilo y refugiados,
oportunidades para ingresar al mercado laboral regular


“Welcome. Working for Refugee Integration”

AEL - Agenzia Etica per il Lavoro



Nowadays, more and more women and men are finding insurmountable obstacles to accessing regular employment. .
This happens for several reasons: due to lack of information, transportation difficulties, languages barriers, long and complicated bureaucratic procedures, hardness in finding houses, or simply because of the prejudices of their interlocutors.

We want to be alongside these women and men.

Our dream is that everyone can get the job they deserve and aspire to, and we look for it in many sectors: tourism, industry, crafts, agriculture, etc.


The story of our commitment begins on July 14th, 2017, in Brindisi, with the arrival of the Aquarius ship.
Within 24 hours Ahmed, Brahim, koly, Buba, Ousmane, Simon, Hamadou, and Youssef find themselves in two family homes in Montesilvano.
After leaving their families and their villages, crossing wars and deserts, surviving harassment by marauders and rebels, working in Algeria, and facing the terrible passage through Libya.
The founders of AEL, Silvio and Florence, met them immediately after arriving in Montesilvano.
Florence teaches them Italian but also takes care of every aspect of their lives. Silvio, CEO of the hotel company Bluserena, begins to think about their occupation.
Many other migrants joined their journey in the following years.
Many dozens of migrants have been trained and worked as cooks, bartenders, maintenance workers in hotels, but also in other companies, such as tailors, warehousemen, or in catering companies.

Today, those first men speak Italian, have stable jobs, have a driver's licence and decent housing.


We offer different paths of access to work, in many cases with a training content and preparation for the work.
These are the open positions:


We also want to support those who dream to create a small business or self-employment.
AEL, thanks to the partnership with PerMicro, supports this aspiration through an offer of guidance and coaching services to help creating a small business especially in the start-up phase. AEL also helps entrepreneurs to seek for Loans and Microcredits, offers professional advice and financial education to ensure the sustainability of the new-born businesses.


AEL has created two specific cooperation networks that you can join and contribute to the development of our project.

1. Economic enterprises and inter - branch organisations network
2. Civil society network
(Third Sector Bodies, Non-profit Organisations, Local Authorities, Migrant Shelters)


We offer training courses that enhance the development of your skills and facilitate your entry into the labour market.